Who doesn’t have some issues with their body image? Men, women, and children often have issues with their body image and it’s not hard to see why. Today, there is a big emphasis on looking perfect and having the perfect body so people really become self-conscious and aware of how they look, more so than ever before. However, how can we deal with these issues? Is there really any way to have a positive body image?

The Modern World

Unfortunately, everyone wants to be perfect. People want the perfect size zero body and believe if they don’t have a six-pack to show off then they have an unhealthy body image. There is no wonder why body image issues are bigger than ever before and, in truth, it all comes down to the world we live in today. Right now, it’s all about looking pretty and even celebrities are the same. They are under tremendous pressure to look good and sometimes it’s becoming a major problem that is overtaking life as we know it.

“Research shows that how you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel. Practice using words that promote feelings of self-worth and personal power. Give yourself a positive pep-talk.” –Dr. Aaron Kaplan, PsyD

What Help Is There To Make You See Your Body Image More Positively?

When you have body image issues, you really need to talk about your feelings. Now, you might think this is boring and really tiresome because talking doesn’t make a difference. Well, you never know how effective talking about your body image issues could be. The truth is that when you talk about your feelings towards your body you can find the real cause as to why you hate your body image. You never know what is making you feel the way you do and speaking to a professional therapist or counselor might prove useful.

“Each therapist brings a unique perspective supported and integrated into the trauma treatment of our clients, from yoga and body work to early intervention, school-based intervention, and social action.” –Marni Rosen, Psy.D.

The Growing Trend

Currently, there are millions of everyday people who have, at one time, been self-conscious about their body and have body image issues. Why? As said, it’s partly down to the world we live in and the growing pressure to look amazing. However, it’s also a personal issue and the way each individual sees themselves. For some, they believe they are unhealthy and take their negative thoughts to the extreme. This is the worrying level in which body image issues can take someone to and they can be very deadly. It’s a growing trend that is hard to stop or indeed control.

More Awareness Is Needed

teenagersHowever, the major problem is that very few people actually sit down and talk about their body image issues. Most people are happy to secretly hate themselves rather than talk about why they have such a problem with their body image. The crazy part is that a lot of thin people who are at their ideal weight and who was a fairly good body can hate their bodies. Body image does reflect differently in each mind and that is the real crux of the problem. More must be done to highlight the problems surrounding body image issues. More details from http://www.theridgefieldpress.com/88999/prevention-plus-teen-talk-counselor/

Get Help and You’ll Feel Better

When you have body image issues, you need to get up and do something. You cannot let those negative feelings overcome you as they can be difficult to escape. It might be wise to talk to a professional and get the help you need from them. You can feel far better about yourself and see a positive light to come from your body image issues. “It is a healing process that allows people to not only start feeling better but gain insight, awareness, and ultimately begin trusting their intuition and experience,” says Dr. Mitch Keil, a clinical psychologist.