Raising teenagers can be a roller-coaster of emotions. Teenagers usually go through phases and need tender loving care. They are growing up to be young adults and in the same process, they’re trying to figure out life and trying to find themselves. Often times, teenagers need someone to talk to and to understand your teen more. They may not admit it, but it’s a fact. They need parental guidance and a parent that understands that they are changing. As parents, we need to motivate our teens to be the best that they can be during this crucial stage of their life. In doing this, we also need to understand their emotions and stick with them every step of the way.

At this stage in a teens life, they need a lot of guidance and advice to keep them on the right path and to keep them away from negative influences. We need to teach them from a young age on as to what’s right and wrong.

Tips on How to Motivate Your Teen

There are plenty of strategies that you can use to motivate and keep your teen on the right track. You need to build trust between you and your teen. You should also learn how to communicate with your teen. Here are some tips on how you can motivate your teen:

Shower Them with Compliments


The simplest and easiest way to motivate a teen is by showering them with compliments. Praises will encourage them to do the right thing continuously and it will prove to them that they have someone standing behind them in whatever it is that they do.

Allow Them to Learn from Failure and Encourage Them

In life, we all experience failures. However, we shouldn’t let it get us down. Likewise, teens need to hear this. “No one likes to fail, but some people take it harder than others,” ” says counselor Monte Drenner. If they fail with something, encourage them to dust themselves off and try again. Explain to them that both failure and success is a part of life and that we learn from our failures and mistakes.

Spend Time with Them


Set aside a day or even a few hours to dedicate to them doing fun activities. This will make your teen feel loved and they will know that they always have your support. Go for lunch or dinner, go watch a movie, or do anything that they like. Because as Francyne Zeltser, Psy.D. explains, “what’s more important than the quantity of time you spend with your kids is the quality of the time you do have together.”

Provide Incentives for Your Teen

By providing incentives for your teen, it will motivate them and show them that you care. Don’t get us wrong, we are not bribing them to do well at school, but we are encouraging them by rewarding them.

Don’t Nag at Your Teen


Nagging is extremely annoying for anyone of any age. By doing this, your teen will start rebelling. Rather explain to them in a polite but assertive tone and give them reasons for your statements. Make them understand what you are saying and why you are saying it. Teens cooperate better when you speak to them rather than shouting and nagging at them.

Don’t Blame or Criticize Your Teen

This is another factor that can aggravate teens or drive them along the wrong path of life. If they have done something wrong, correct them and explain to them why it is wrong. If you feel that punishment might be required, ground them, or confiscate their mobile phone. But avoid criticizing them and blaming them. Encourage your teen to be the best that they can be.

Use Humor When You Are Around Your Teen and Talking to Them

Teenagers enjoy a good sense of humor and respond better to humor. It also lightens up the mood and this will encourage them. Humor also creates a safe and happy home environment, one that children will cherish for the rest of their lives. “In order to find out the reason for a negative behavior response (the trigger), the very first thing we have to be willing to do is to communicate with our kids. No worries if they don’t want to use their words to talk with you, there are many more options you can try to communicate.” Barb Roba, LMCH said.