There is this misconception that because teens are at the stage where they no longer listen to parents, it becomes okay to let them be. There is this hope that all negative things will eventually come to an end once teenagers realized that their actions go with consequences. But is that entirely reasonable to ignore their behavior just because society believes that some of their misconducts are part of growing up? That even if there are issues along with their emotional and mental state, people should not get alarmed? I don’t think so.

Teenage Resistance

“Our teens are taught just by observing their world that they need one too, and they get that message very early on,”  explains Susie Raskin MA, LMHC. What is damaging for kids may not be that big of a deal for some parents. Perhaps that is due to these people’s idea that kids will have to change their ways one way or another. But the thing is, it is never easy to change in an instant. That is especially when all these kids’ lives are all about doing the same thing over and over.

Teenage resistance can grow deeper when they realized that parents who do not show some care mean nothing to them. These kids begin to ignore things as well because that is how they see it in their parents. These teenagers will think that it is okay not to attach themselves to other people, and that includes their parents. Evan Kimble, LMHC says, “Some people are able to find their truth without pushing back so hard on their parents, but usually there is some turbulence in the process.”


Teenage Depression

What lots of parents do not realize is that teenagers are often a victim of emotional and mental abuse from all sources of social interaction. That includes family members, school friends, and acquaintances, as well as their special relationship with a particular someone. Teenagers are prone to stress as they figure out their purpose in life. So when parents tend to ignore them, these unfortunate ones end up with depression.

Robert Allison, MA, LPC used to say, “Depression is more than an emotion or a state of mind, it is really a process. It is a combination of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.” Teenage depression is not something that these kids can shrug off any time they want. It is a mental condition that leads to the destruction of each of these kids’ lives. It results in isolation, inappropriate communication, unworthiness, loneliness, as well as self-harm. Parents must try their best to identify their kids’ behavior and distinguish the damaging habits from the good ones.


Teenage Suicide

In line with the mental illness that teens often get, the importance of addressing and understanding teenage behavior is vital in keeping them safe from unwanted thoughts. These teens, every action, words, gestures, and appearance should not be taken lightly. Yes, teenagers are impulsive, and they always do not care about things. But it is not enough reason to believe that they cannot commit to harming themselves. That explains why almost a significant percentage of teenagers commit suicide. It is because no parents can identify these unfortunate youths’ emotional and mental issues.

The truth is, no one assumes in advance when and how teens will commit suicide. That is because it is an unpredictable phenomenon. It usually happens because parents do not seem to know anything about their kids. Yes, some are aware of these kids’ pain, but these parents often choose to ignore their teens’ unusual behavior. With that, regret becomes the last resort.

Knowing these things, try asking yourself. Will it be worth it if you ignore your teenager’s behavior?