I understand that teens nowadays are different. Almost all of them do not listen to reasons because they believe they know everything. That because society accepts their current norms, it becomes okay for them to continue doing what they think is the definition of “living life to the fullest.” It’s sad to see the youth getting blinded by the idea that the only way to enjoy life is by controlling it without considering the consequences of one’s actions.

Social Media

The sole purpose of social media is to connect bridges and gaps. Unfortunately, for most teens, it becomes a place for emotional and psychological destruction. “Social media allows teenagers to communicate with all of their friends at the touch of a button, and this ability takes bullying to a new level,” says Dr. Jeff Nalin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Teens are so hooked up with all the things and information they see in their feeds, believing that what others portray in it is what they call #ultimategoal. A lot of teenagers in today’s generation couldn’t live without their social media accounts. Sometimes, it is often a big deal for them when people try to stop them from using different platforms. Social media is becoming the worse tool for teenagers due to its potential ability to introduce unlimited details of sex, violence, crime, and abuse.


Sex Scandals

It’s not long before teens appear involved in such activities. Honestly, there are lots of youths practicing pre-marital sex. But what adds further damage is the intimacy’s association with technology. That said, the point of taking videos and clips of two teenage individuals having sex is becoming somewhat an undesirable inspiration for other kids alike. It is as if these children think that the only way to get the desire of intimate, thrilling satisfaction is through sex video recording. These teenagers both feel fear and excitement at the same time, which further pushes them to create these scandalous clips.



According to Simon Rego, PsyD. “Many people mistakenly believe that if you can’t see it like you can a broken bone, it must be less significant and therefore can be overcome by simply using willpower. If not, they mistakenly believe that people who suffer from depression are weak.” With the stigma of what depression is all about, most teenagers believe that because they are at the exact age of learning things beyond their control, they are entitled to have depression. But honestly, it is one of the stupid reasons anyone would ever hear. That is because not all teenagers are suffering from traumatic experiences. Therefore, using depression as an excuse for being irrational and impulsive is not always acceptable. Some teens can control their anxiety and depression because those were never there. I tell you, if it is something that relates to mental illness, these teenagers can never cure themselves instantly, like what they claim they can do.



Social media, the internet, and sometimes the news show that teenage suicide is something that needs attention. Well, it does for everybody’s sake. Suicide is not a joke, and people must know the importance of understanding its cause, signs, and symptoms. However, sensationalizing an incident is pretty much doing the opposite thing. That instead of sharing to give a warning, it becomes the other kids’ motivational idea. No, it does not mean we shouldn’t talk about it, because we do. What I am trying to say is that too many details of it somewhat allows teenagers to challenge themselves on committing the act. “Many people who end up killing themselves have mentioned suicide to someone directly or in directly, so take them seriously.” Torey C. Richards, LMHC reminds everyone.

People might not agree with this ideology. But I guarantee that these are the reality of teenage lives.