YouTube Channels That Teach The Youth About Mental Health


Over the years, YouTube has grown from a video-streaming website to a robust platform that can entertain and educate. While young individuals use it to watch their favorite “vloggers,” they are missing out on many other informative channels.

Statistics show that about 50% of lifetime mental health cases start by the age of 14. Learning about these issues from a young age can empower the youth, and here are some helpful YouTube channels to check out.

Anna Freud NCCF

The Anna Freud Center is a mental health charity that targets children and families. They provide support through various ways, including conducting research, sharing clinical expertise and training, developing policies, and raising awareness and education.

They work first-hand with mental health professionals and providers, as well as children and the youth. Their YouTube channel has numerous videos that can serve as learning resources.

While most of their content is for mental health experts, they also have clips for the general public. Their animated short video, “We All Have Mental Health,” is aimed at those aged 11-14. It seeks to provide the youth with an understanding of what mental health is and how they can take care of it.

Psychology In Seattle

Psychology in Seattle is a podcast by Dr. Kirk Honda, a licensed therapist and professor, who focuses on mental health. It first started in 2008, and now with the YouTube channel’s over a thousand videos, it continues to grow each day.

In some of his videos, Dr. Honda is with his friend and co-host, Humberto, who provides the layperson’s voice. He invites other colleagues and individuals as well, to join him in his other uploads.

The podcasts’ focus is to explain common mental health disorders and experiences that many people may share. Psychology in Seattle also has a video series on the psychology of many popular TV shows and movies such as Game of Thrones. They even have a separate playlist of its characters and the series in general.

The channel recently gained a larger audience from Dr. Honda’s reaction videos. In this series, he watches clips of couples from reality TV shows such as 30-Day Fiance and Married at First Sight. It is unique from other YouTubers’ reaction videos since he provides valuable insights and teachings on relationships and mental health.

While some of the channel’s content is best for adult audiences, the podcast videos are suitable for the youth, which provides them with a better understanding of their experiences. It can also teach them techniques for dealing with their emotions as they grow to be more emotionally-stable adults.


Psych Hub Education

Psych Hub is an online platform that aims to educate people about mental health. They have over 180 animated videos on different mental health topics. Their uploads are comprehensive, yet the discussions are easy enough for the youth to comprehend.

They developed their own Learning Hubs, which are programs that utilize various mediums for education, such as games, fireside chats, role-play activities, and animations. Participants like mental health providers, professionals, and allies can also earn certification from their Learning Hubs. 

As for the general public, Psych Hub has a free video library that they host on YouTube.  Some of the video series they have on their channel include General Mental Health, Major Depressive Disorder, and Eating Disorders.

Further, they have recently created several short clips about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects our well-being. Their animated videos provide information and tips for dealing with self-isolation and emotional stress.

This YouTube channel is helpful for people of all ages, providing easily understandable content for the youth.

Mind, The Mental Health Charity

This channel comes from Mind, a charity based in Wales and England. It started as the National Association for Mental Health (NAMH) in 1946 and changed its name in 1972.

The organization aims to provide knowledge and guidance to those struggling with mental health. They also lobby local governments on behalf of this community. Since their establishment, they have likewise strived to raise awareness of these issues.

The YouTube channel started in 2007, but only began regular uploads in 2011. Since then, their content grew to include other contents such as vlogs of people sharing their own stories and informative animated videos about mental health.

There’s a whole series (#InYourOwnWords) where people aged 18-25 share their experiences. The channel also has a few posts (Ask Mind) where their Information Team answers questions viewers send.



When it comes to YouTube, parents may see it as a place solely for entertainment. However, there is much educational content online that can be helpful for the youth. People are opening up to discussing mental health, and YouTube is one platform for such discussions.

On this side of the world wide web, some channels create quality content for young viewers to learn. Some of these include Anne Freud NCCF, Psychology in Seattle, Psych Hub Education, and Mind: The Mental Health Charity.

These YouTube channels empower the youth by showing them that they have the power to make things better for themselves.